Alchemy of Souls Season 1: Ending Explained! Who died?

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Alchemy of Souls is available on Netflix! If you want to know the season 1 ending explanation, keep reading! The first season of Alchemy of Souls has finally come to an end and it has been an adventure to remember. Starring Lee Jae-wook, Jung So-min, Hwang Min-hyun, Shin Seong-ho, as well as other cast members, the Kdrama is created by Park Joon-hwa, Hong Jung-eun, and Hong Mi-ran. For more on the season 2 premiere, read this.

The series revolves around Jang Wook and Naksu aka Mu-deok, residents of the fictional country of Daeho, whose flaws are erased as they invariably enter each other’s lives. Naksu, an elite warrior trapped in Mu-deok’s weak body, becomes Jang Wook’s servant and secret master and helps him become better than the rumors that follow him. Here’s the explanation for the Alchemy of Souls season 1 ending!


To the Alchemy of Souls season 1 finale, the guards follow Mu Deok into the forest and Park Jin follows them. Everyone in Songrim has heard the news of Naksu’s return, and Uk and Yul are no exception. Park Jin shoots his arrow at Mu Deok, but Uk covers him and Jin takes the attack back from him.

Jang Uk prevents him from being killed by Park Jin, but Mu Deok runs his sword through Jang Uk. Jang Uk doesn’t waver and keeps whispering Mu Deok’s name in his ear. Mu Deok comes to his senses for a brief moment and realizes what he has done. She screams in desperation and tries to retrieve the sword from her, but Uk holds her tight and lets the sword go through him.

Everyone mourns the loss of Jang Uk, but he is also vilified for protecting Naksu all this time. Cho Yeon wants to avenge his father’s death, but his mother wants Mu Deok to stay alive because she suspects that she is Bu Yeon. Mu Deok escapes from the guards and jumps into Gyeongchangdaeho Lake. At the last moment she realizes that she is being controlled, but she has no choice as she is petrified.

However, when souls season 1 finale, when he jumps into the lake, two mysterious people Mu Deok come out. Jang Uk was cremated without any honor, but Master Lee came to Jang Uk’s funeral to say that a king’s star would not die like this. Jang Uk has the ice stone inside of him, and it takes on the energy of fire, and his pyre explodes with blue flames.

The late Jang Uk rises from the ashes like a phoenix. The ice stone that he carries inside him has probably given him all the energy he lost, and he is out to avenge everyone who cheated on him and his fiancée.

East Alchemy of Souls season 1 finale it was inevitable because, after all, Jang Uk loves Naksu and she is a shapeshifter who is always in danger of going wild. Now, with her back in her real body, the story can only get more exciting.

Nasku’s return is something to look forward to as she is the one who started the story and seeing her in her real body makes it all worth it.

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