Modern Warfare 2: How to Unlock the MP5 and Dead Silence Early

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The controversial ‘Dead Silence’ is back as a field upgrade in Modern Warfare 2 beta, for both multiplayer and Warzone. We’ll explain how to unlock MP5 and Dead Silence early to get access to two beloved (and hated) features in the classic Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer game.

How to unlock MP5 & Dead Silence early

Instead of a feature, Dead Silence will be offered as a field upgrade. For those who haven’t played any CoD games recently, Sphere Upgrades act as an in-game piece of equipment that works with a cooldown. As you level up your client, you’ll steadily gain access to more available domain upgrades, including “Dead Silence”. They can be selected from the in-game pause menu or from the main multiplayer menu.

Dead Silence temporarily enables you to move silently, making it difficult for enemies to hear you coming during multiplayer or Warzone.

Unfortunately, this domain upgrade isn’t immediately available, and you’ll have to raise your rank to 30 before you unlock the ability to access it.

However, there is a small episode about this.

Simply create a “new” gear, select the default “hunter stalkerloadout, don’t change the default field upgrade (which is Dead Silence) and keep customizing your class.

Once you are in the game, Dead Silence cannot be used immediately. It needs time to “charge” it before you can apply it. The icon on your screen should indicate a yellow border when Dead Silence is ready to use, usually two minutes after the start of a match. Once activated, the screen will have a white outer halo, indicating that it is “active” for a limited period of time.

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What about the much-praised MP5?

How to get MP5 in Modern Warfare 2

The MP5 is among the most powerful weapons in the game, and it has mostly been a hit among streams since its beta release.

So how do you unlock the weapon early in the game using the loading menu, as with Dead Silence? First, create gear using “Exaggerate” as a specific feature. Select the ‘Accelerate 12The gun as a primary weapon slot. Add “Exaggerate” to your gear. The Lachman assault rifle will be automatically equipped as a secondary weapon.

You can then level up, until you reach level 13 to get receiver As for the MP5, or “alternative” of the Lachman submachine gun (as it is also referred to).

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