FEI Equestriad World Tour MOD APK 1.60 (Free Shopping) for Android

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Get ready to enjoy this amazing mobile game from FEI Equestriad World Tour where you can enjoy thoroughbred horse racing at its best.

an introduction

If you are looking for an official and licensed FEI equestriad game on your mobile devices, then FEI Equestriad World Tour is the only game you can find. Get ready to enjoy the most amazing and authentic gameplay of horse riding simulation, competitions, championships and racing fun on your mobile devices with this game.

Explore the fascinating world of the FEI Equestriad World Tour as players have their chance to take on the role of a young and ambitious rider looking to make it big in the world. Enjoy the realistic career mode with many great riding experiences in various tournaments, competitions and tournaments in the game.

Find out more about this great mobile title from GoGallop Studios and all its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.


Here at FEI Equestriad World Tour, Android gamers will have the perfect mobile title to play their real and realistic game of horse riding and racing. Explore the best competitive equestrian experiences in the game and have fun playing the addictive career mode to fulfill your childhood dreams. And don’t forget to double the fun by joining friends and online players in exciting in-game challenges.

Feel free to be in complete control of your horses, using the original and realistic control options in FEI Equestriad World Tour. Have fun creating your own character and work hard to stand on top of the world. Compete in many competitions, championships and tournaments in the game to enjoy the profession of thoroughbred horse racing. Participate and compete in many exciting events and limited time challenges.

Train and nurture your current horse to make the most of its potential. Also, don’t forget to look for new candidates to be your new companions if your old horses aren’t providing enough. Participate in various online competitions to earn points on the global leaderboards. Create or join any team online to have more fun playing with others. And the list goes on.

FEI Equestriad World Tour 1 شاشة screen


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Intuitive touch controls with customizable settings

First of all, FEI Equestriad World Tour players will have intuitive touch controls with natural elements and intuitive settings, which will allow you to feel the desire to handle a real horse. Feel free to work with different control modes from simple, normal, normal and expert, as the game allows manual or automatic steering, speed control, horse actions, stamina and speed cover. All of this will ensure that you can always have the right control modes for your current riding levels.

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Play as guests or log in to your accounts

Players in FEI Equestriad World Tour are allowed to play the game immediately without having to register for their in-game account. However, it is recommended that you skip your guest account and log into your in-game account to unlock more features. Here, you can enable online saves and syncs, so you can make better use of the app. Also see your friends playing the game if you are logged in with your Facebook account. Thus, allowing players to enjoy their in-game experiences a lot.

Choose your avatars and horses to start the competition

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with different characters and horses, each of which allows you to create your own avatars and customize your characters. Choose any of your premium titles and hope it gets featured on the leaderboards. Choose your favorite avatars and character styles from the various options within the game. Customize the clothes within the game with different tools and features. Unlock many horses with different looks and traits. And the list goes on.

Many riding adventures in career mode

First of all, players in FEI Equestriad World Tour can enjoy the competition in their single player career mode, as the game allows you to enjoy various Grand Prix competitions, FEI Equestriad World Tour and many more. Enjoy playing the game at different levels, many tournaments, interesting competitions, and official horse racing systems. All this will allow you to enjoy your career experiences much more.

Train your skills and have fun with free play

With FEI Equestriad World Tour, Android players can enjoy training their many skills and have the ultimate enjoyment of the game in the free play mode. Here, you can select some tutorials to train your riding skills. Or enjoy free practice trials that don’t come with any goals or time limits. Just enjoy what you do.

FEI Equestriad World Tour 2 screen

Realistic horse racing events

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy several realistic horse racing events in the FEI Equestriad World Tour, each allowing you to enjoy the great game to the fullest. You have no problems playing the 3-day event competitions of Showjumping, Cross Country, Dressage, and more. Enjoy joining the officially licensed events in Badminton, Burgley, Kentucky, the Australian International 3DE Championship, and more. Not to mention that the many limited-time events and tournaments in the FEI Equestriad World Tour will always keep you connected to the great mobile game.

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FEI Equestriad World Tour 4 . screen

Train and care for your horses

To make the game even more exciting, FEI Equestriad World Tour players can now enjoy training and caring for their horses, using simple touch interactions. There are no problems with training and taking care of your different horses, which will allow them to improve their speed, acceleration, endurance and agility. The more you train, the better your horse will be.

But a particular horse will have its own limitations, and once you get to that, you can’t train it anymore. Meanwhile, it is also important to take care of your horse by feeding and nurturing them with love and care. Improve your relationship with the horse with many combinations of activities, so you can bond and perform better in competitions.

And for those who are interested, you can now customize your horse with different face markings, patterns, and more. Try different accessories, straps, and riding clothes, so you can have more fun playing your custom riding game.

FEI Equestriad World Tour 3 شاشة screen

Enjoy both single and multiplayer challenges

With FEI Equestriad World Tour, Android players can enjoy playing horse racing with or without internet. Enjoy playing your single career mode whenever and wherever you want without having to turn on your mobile data or search for Wi-Fi networks. Or you can have fun competing with friends, colleagues, family members and other FEI Equestriad World Tour players from around the world in World Leaderboard challenges.

Create a team or join an existing team

In addition, it is also possible for you to join an existing team or create new ones for your friends and family to compete in. Have more fun with new team challenges and many team competitions. All this will make the FEI Equestriad World Tour even more fun and exciting for the team players.

Many realistic horse riding experiences for you to download

And to make the game even more exciting, FEI Equestriad World Tour players can now enjoy competing in several realistic riding experiences, which they can download and recreate. Have the world’s best event riders and their horses in action at the Tack Shop. Sign up for your own Fantasy courses designed by the world’s best course designers. And the list goes on.

Available in several languages

With the game available in many languages, including English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, etc., players around the world will not have any problems enjoying the game in their native languages. Thus, it allows you to have more fun playing addictive role-playing experiences.

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Get your daily rewards for free

For those of you who are interested, you can now get many free daily rewards from FEI Equestriad World Tour, which will allow players on Android to enjoy many great rewards for free. Simply enter the game and get your free rewards for the day. And don’t forget to pile up your rewards for the coming days. In addition, it is also possible for FEI Equestriad World Tour players to obtain their seasonal cards to unlock more daily rewards.

free to play

With the free game currently available on the Google Play Store, mobile gamers will have no problems picking it up and start enjoying this addictive horse racing Android game. However, keep in mind that the free game will require players to watch ads and pay for in-game purchases.

Enjoy the modified version of the game on our website

So, if you want to enjoy the premium free game of FEI Equestriad World Tour, you might want to consider our mod instead. Here, we provide the unlocked mobile game with removed ads and unlimited features, which will let you enjoy the full game without paying. All you need is to download a file FEI Equestriad World Tour Mod APKFollow the instructions provided, and you are good to go.

Picture and sound quality


Get ready for the amazing FEI Equestriad World Tour on mobile where you are allowed to enjoy the original riding game with stunning 3D graphics, realistic environments and settings, accurate riding physics and much more. All this will make it very interesting and attractive, not only for horse racing enthusiasts, but other sports players.

sound and music

Besides the stunning 3D graphics, the game also features great sound effects and exciting soundtrack, which will let you enjoy the horse riding experience.

last thoughts

With My Horse, it is another great mobile game for fans of traditional sports. Dive into the worlds of these majestic creatures and join them in various sporting events. Have fun competing against the best players in the world, create your own successful career and most importantly, have fun playing with your favorite horses in the FEI Equestriad World Tour.

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