“A Menina Valente” takes ecological adventure to Sesc theaters

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The play directed by Ana Quintas, with conductor Rênio Quintas, will have six free performances at the Sesc do Gama and Ceilândia theaters.

A brave girl who unites with plants and animals to protect the forest from deforestation and the construction of a factory. This is the plot of the musical show “A Menina Valente”, directed by Ana Quintas, with musical direction and regency by maestro Rênio Quintas, choreography by Rafael Quintas and vocal preparation by Célia Rabelo. A project built by several generations of a family that exudes talent, love and trust in the new generations.

The show opens this Friday (23) at SESC do Gama. Two other presentations will take place on Saturday (24th) and three more sessions on October 6th and 7th, at SESC da Ceilândia. Entrance is free. Students from public schools in the Federal District will attend the musical as special guests of the project “A Menina Valente – Teatro Musical, Meio Ambiente e Educação”, which has the support of Mediato (Project for Mediation of Spectators) and resources from the Support Fund. to the Culture of the Federal District (FAC-DF).

The text of the show is based on the children’s book by Brazilian author Regina Fittipaldi, published in 1992. Regina turned the story into a theater script, which was adapted in 1993 into a ballet-opera presented by the students of the Norma Lilian Ballet School. , with lyrical guest singers. At the time, inspired by the story, musicians Rênio Quintas and Fernando Corbal came together to compose the musical’s original soundtrack, which had lyrics composed by journalist and poet Tetê Catalão.

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“It is a great honor to be able to bring this story to life, to tell the adventure of Joana, our brave girl, and her animal friends in their quest to end pollution and improve life on our planet. I grew up listening to this story, written by my aunt Regina Fittipaldi, who listened to the songs made by my father Rênio Quintas and by Fernando Corbal, with the lyrics of Tetê”, recalls Ana Quintas, who in the show has the dramaturgical supervision of her aunt Regina.

“Menina Valente is a story about courage, bravery, companionship, it’s about the world we want, it’s about clean rivers and standing forests. A story that vibrates an awakening to an understanding that we are the planet we inhabit and that without it we cease to exist. It is our cry of resistance, our desire for better days, and our belief in children for a green and living future.”

Ana’s father, maestro Rênio Quintas, is happy with the reassembly and hopes that the show will win the world. For him, the presentation is also an opportunity to honor his friend Vanderlei dos Santos Catalão, better known as Tetê Catalão, author of the lyrics that inspire the soundtrack. Tetê died in January 2020, aged 71. “A great creator, a great pioneer of the soul of our city. It is important to celebrate the illustrious, dear and longing presence of Tetê Catalão in our play”, emphasizes Rênio.

Musical show “The Brave Girl”
Sesc Range
September 23 (Friday) – 16h
September 24 (Saturday) – 10am and 2pm
Sesc Ceilândia
October 6th (Thursday) – 3pm
October 7th (Friday) – 10am and 3pm

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Free entrance

Indicative Rating: Free

Instagram: @meninavalente.omusical


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