Ciro’s voter, Tico Santa Cruz says he will vote for Lula, but does not record support video

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The musician is a voter for Ciro Gomes (PDT), defended the candidate in the 2018 elections and continued to support pedestrians this year

Monica Bergamo
Sao Paulo-SP

The lead singer of the band Detonautas Roque Clube, Tico Santa Cruz, says he achieved a “great feat” in this year’s elections: being attacked by bolsonaristas, PT and ciristas.

The musician is a voter for Ciro Gomes (PDT), defended the candidate in the 2018 elections and continued to support pedestrians this year. But he changed his mind this weekend, when he declared that he would vote for former president Lula (PT) in the first round.

“It was not an easy decision, but in the light of the polls I understood that the useful vote [em Lula] it would be the most efficient way to put an end to this trauma that everyone is experiencing in these four years of government [Bolsonaro]”, says Santa Cruz.

“I was harassed by part of the PT militancy [por apoiar o candidato do PDT]by the bolsonaristas and now by the people who still have some personal support for Ciro”, he says.

Santa Cruz points out that, despite the disappointment of a portion of supporters who still understand Ciro as an option, there was also understanding on the part of the militancy “which is aligned with the government project [do candidato]”.

The biggest resistance, however, came from the anti-PT electorate. And it goes on: “I think Ciro made some moves that attracted a core of people linked to the [ex-juiz Sérgio] Moro and bolsonarismo, who regretted [do voto de 2018]who have this tendency to see politics passionately, to be less argumentative and more warlike”.

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The singer says that his support for the PDT candidate in the future will also be conditioned to Ciro’s position in a possible second round between Lula and Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who lead the polls for voting intentions.

“If, by chance, I understand that Ciro has abandoned the democratic field, I will be very disappointed and maybe I will really rethink if it’s worth it. [continuar a apoiá-lo]”, points out.

After he declared his vote for Lula, Santa Cruz says that the PT campaign came to him to ask if he would record a video in support of the PT. The singer declined the invitation.

“I said I preferred to protect my image,” he says.


The lead singer of the band Detonautas says he has received attacks since the time of the impeachment of former president Dilma (PT). Santa Cruz is preparing a book that will narrate all kinds of threats and persecution that he has suffered over the last few years.

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