In ‘Travessia’, Humberto Martins says he no longer feels like a Globo actor

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Actor lives as a businessman, but says that for Gloria Perez ‘I would even make a popcorn’


Despite being scheduled to play one of the protagonists of the soap opera “Travessia”, which arrives in October to replace “Pantanal”, actor Humberto Martins, 61, says he no longer feels like a Globo actor.

At the station, he has done more than 25 projects, between series and soap operas, since the late 1980s.

“The invitation came from Gloria Perez who called me personally. I’m sure she fought to have me in the cast, because things are different at Globo, I don’t feel like a person from TV Globo anymore, I’m an actor for Gloria”, he revealed in a conversation with the press. The broadcaster’s new approach is to establish contracts for work, as it is now doing with Martins, which drastically reduced the number of fixed contracts.

The last plot in which Humberto Martins had been a part of Globo was “Summer 90” (2019). At the time, he left the production in the middle under rumors that he would be dissatisfied and tired. The channel has always denied that the direction of his character in the story and the subsequent departure would be because of this discontent and claimed that the soap opera was an open work subject to change.

Now in “Travessia”, Guerra will play a civil construction entrepreneur who discovers that his partner Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi) got involved with Débora (Grazi Massafera), a woman he intended to marry and who died in an accident. Moretti leaves Brazil with Débora pregnant, and Guerra registers Chiara (Jade Picon) as if she were his, without revealing the truth about the young woman’s biological father.

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“War is another manager of which I’ve done many, but the challenge is not to be repetitive. I started looking for something different to write and decided that he would be passionate, egocentric, a globalist who wants everything to be screwed around. Moving in his pocket will be a problem”, explains the actor.


On the day he received the call from Gloria Perez, Martins was in Orlando, in the United States, and he saw it right away. “The only thing I said was that I would even do the popcorn vendor on the corner for her,” he added. With Gloria, the artist participated in important works on television, including “América” (2005), “Caminho das Índias” (2009) and “A Força do Querer” (2017).

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