Jackson Antunes will replace Zé Dumont in “All Flowers”

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The actor is expected to start recording for the telenovela next week.

Finally the searches are over, Jackson Antunes will replace Zé Dumont in “All the flowers”. After the arrest of actor Zé Dumont last week, who was accused of sexual abuse of minors and possession of child pornography, Globo immediately dropped the actor from the plot and began the search for an actor to play the character Rooster. .

According to columnist Patrícia Kogut, Antunes will start recording next week. He must re-record all the scenes that Dumont had already recorded for the plot.

Your character will be a mysterious man who is involved in human trafficking, but even villains have a heart. He will be completely in love with the character of actress Regina Casé, Zoé, who will be the true antagonist of the soap opera.

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