Marafreboi Popular Orchestra performs multicultural project in September

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Noite Pernambucana brings together, in its 13th edition, masters and masters to pay tribute to frevo as a national rhythm

The 13th edition of Noites Pernambucanas takes place on September 24, starting at 9 pm, at Clube do Choro in Brasília with free admission, collected at the box office. The multicultural project is promoted by the famous Orquestra Popular Marafreboi and conceived by maestro Fabiano Medeiros, who also signs the artistic and musical direction. With this meeting, the proposal is to bring together important figures from Pernambuco to honor their cultural work in favor of frevo as one of the great national rhythms.

One of the main objectives of the event, in addition to promoting high quality musical entertainment for the Candango public, is to strengthen the musical style that has been intensified in Brasília, through the growing participation of thousands of revelers accompanying the carnival blocks.

In its 13th edition, Noites Pernambucanas honors great conductors responsible for making frevo one of the most popular rhythms in Brazil. And the fairest way to do it is to go on stage. With this, Marafreboi transforms Brasília into a branch of Marco Zero, Recife Antigo, one of the centers of Pernambuco’s carnival.

“This connection between Brasília and Recife is very powerful. This connection strengthens the local carnival, because it concerns the frevo, a rhythm listed as an intangible heritage of humanity. Brasília has blocks of frevo founded in the 60s, such as Vassourinhas de Brasília and the beloved Galinho de Brasília, in addition to the new generation that is consolidated, such as Suvaco da Asa and Virgens da Asa Norte. They are all contributors to the Pernambuco carnival colony here. So, Noites Pernambucanas highlights this enchantment with frevo and enhances our carnival”, says Fabiano Medeiros.

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The meeting takes place in the month in which Brazilians are presented with the inauguration of the Instituto Brasileiro do Frevo, launched in Recife, of which Maestro Fabiano and the renowned Maestro Formiga are part as directors. “This project planted the flag of this genuinely Pernambuco rhythm in Brasília, so much so that today we already discuss frevo here as if we were in Recife. So, Fabiano’s work with Marafreboi expands across the country with the idea of ​​valuing Brazilian popular music, in the sense of preserving and following up on technological advances”, says Formiga about what the orchestra represents.

Service: Noites Pernambucanas – Orquestra Popular Marafreboi
Date: September 24, 2022
Time: 21:00
Location: Clube do Choro
Free entrance
Social Action: participate by donating 1kg of non-perishable food at the entrance to the event
Accessibility: Libras interpreter and audio description


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