Naldo threatens to “give a break” to Mc Créu

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My people, the climate that this Farm has installed among the famous is chaotic, and while the dick breaks inside reality, it’s even worse. Naldo Benny, Moranguinho’s husband, Ellen Cardoso, even threatened Mc Créu, saying that he was going to give the funkeiro a dick because of what he was saying about his wife. Jeez!

“Here’s the thing, hello guys, Farm, I know there’s a contract, if for some reason Créu comes in I’ll put the bonfire and I’ll rip my muklehgra out of there, this man is a coward, I let my wife go for entertainment, fuck it television, I am for my family and my wife’s integrity. If he enters, I jump into this shit, my reaction is already given”, said Naldo.

The musician still calls Créu a kid, because this story is old and he was the one who wanted to generate buzz around it. “I was out of Rio de Janeiro if you say more about my wife, I’ll go inside your house to get you. My wife entered the farm because I let her, you’re fucked up wanting to get into a reality show, you’re appealing,” he said.

“I’ll pick you up at your house and give you a dick, you’re a kid”, concludes Naldo. For those who don’t know, Mc Créu went to the police station and made a report.

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