Shimbalaiê: Deborah Secco assumes bisexuality: “I am free, I like people”

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The actress tells a little about her character in the series “Rensga Hits” and admits to feeling seduced by women.

Long live diversity! This Sunday (18), during an interview, soap opera star Deborah Secco declared herself bisexual.

This revelation came to light because the actress was giving details about her character in the series “Rensga Hits”, produced by Globoplay. In the series, her character has a rivalry with Helena, who is played by actress Fabiana Karla, where in fact this rivalry can become an attraction between them.

Married to fellow actor and director Hugo Moura, the actress revealed her admiration for women. “When they are really amazing and interesting, they seduce me too.”

In the interview, the actress also commented on the criticism she received after publicly admitting that she has been involved with married men and stressed that she has no problem talking about her past. “I deal with my past very calmly. I have no problem talking about my mistakes, I think it takes me away from the possibility of making the same mistakes. If there’s one thing I’m not in life, it’s a hypocrite.”

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