Vitão rebuts criticism of his style: “I don’t stick to genres”

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Look him! It’s not just today that Vitão has shown himself to be a walking metamorphosis and has made changes to his look and the way he dresses. While some use the singer as a form of mockery, he enjoys the bon vivant of a new phase with no gender bias and fluid freedom.

“Fashion, for me, is art. It’s being able to play with our image, transforming us every day into a pinch of everything that is a reference for us, that we fall in love with. If my dress, my hair, my face or my voice makes you angry, that’s something YOU have to change, not me,” the artist wrote on Twitter.

Vitão also said he gets mad when he can’t enter certain places because of his clothes and even said that he likes to play with everything he’s willing to. “Clothes, hair, paintings etc, as well as playing with my music,” he declared.

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