Santo Season 1: Ending Explained! Does Cardona save Santo?

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Santo is available on Netflix! If you want the explanation of the end of the first season, keep reading! Police officer Miguel Millán works on a case in Madrid, trying to solve the murder of a man and the subsequent kidnapping of his son. To find out if the series is based on a true story, read this.

The man killed was a criminal named Cristóbal, and the crime has enough in common with other similar murders to point to a well-known drug lord named Santo as the prime suspect. Following police leads, Millán and his team arrive at an abandoned warehouse from which they rescue a man named Cardona.

This man turns out to be an undercover Brazilian police officer who has also been trying to reach Santo. For all the news about the premiere of the second season, read this.

However, Cardona does not remember how he got to that situation or how he engraved crosses on his eyelids, a sign that every follower of the dangerous cult of Santo carries on his body. As we discover little by little, Santo is neither more nor less than a saint or a father for his followers, and they will do anything to protect their patron from him. We tell you all about it Santo season 1 finale.


Through Santo’s imagery, Barbara also takes advantage of the inherent human fear of the “invisible”. As no one in the world can accurately judge the power and authority of an imaginary entity, Santo remains an authoritative, enigmatic and fearsome figure, even among Barbara’s competitors and the government authorities of various nations.

It takes advantage of human nature, which fears the inexplicable and the invisible. The addition of occult practices and other supernatural activities reinforces the Santo myth, marking the success of Barbara’s creation. Although Millán and Cardona realize that Bárbara is Santo, they fail to capture her, paving the way for her escape.

To the season 1 finaleAs Bárbara sets out to establish her own drug kingdom in Spain, Millán may prove a useful addition to her team, especially given her vulnerable position. Since Millán has risked his life to defeat Santo, it is possible that his superiors will allow him to continue his investigation and capture Santo.

If so, serving Bárbara may be the price Millán must pay to protect his daughter. Having already helped local drug traffickers for money, the agent may not have a moral conflict to help Barbara if she is interested.

After Bárbara reveals that she is Santo, Millán wants to shoot her to keep his promise to María. However, Cardona interferes and gives Barbara time to escape. After “saving” Bárbara de Santo, Cardona begins to develop an intimate relationship with her. Cardona arrives in Spain with the intention of taking revenge on the person who killed his partner Vera.

To the season 1 finaleWhen Cardona realizes that Santo is Bárbara, the rage inside her is dead. Cardona has no other reason to save the person who killed Vera, her nephew and a part of himself, turning him into a “child killer.” It is possible that Cardona wants to kill Bárbara himself instead of leaving the task to Millán.

But the Brazilian shows no aggression in killing her after stopping Millán, indicating that Cardona’s feelings for Bárbara must have influenced his actions.

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