The House of the Dragon: Who is Larys Strong? New Littlefinger?

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The House of the Dragon is available! If you want to know who is larys strong, keep reading! As the House of the Dragon continues, the series becomes more and more complex. New characters are introduced in each episode and time progresses at an uneven pace.

From the first to the second episode it’s probably six months, but by the end of episode 5, Laena Velaryon is at least a teenager, if not a young adult… Unless you pay close attention to the moments when the characters make impromptu mentions over elapsed time, all these time jumps will make your head spin. To find out which time jump in episode 6 will be the biggest, read this.

It doesn’t help that we meet new characters and travel to new places. And since this is all based on George RR Martin’s Fire and Blood, it’s not easy to look up a character’s name. So who is Larys Strong, this new conspirator who has entered Alicent’s trust?


Larys Strong He is the son of Lyonel Strong, former Master of Laws and new Hand of the King, and the brother of Harwin Strong. Larys Strong can be seen sharing her remorse for losing Otto Hightower’s job at the episode 5 of The House of the Dragon. To find out all about the new cast after the timeskip, it’s here.

Expressing his clearly fabricated concern for Rhaenyra’s health to Queen Alicent, Larys Strong revealed how the Grand Master offered the princess tea. This confirmed Alicent’s concerns about Rhaenyra’s lies, as she assumed the elixir was moon tea used to prevent pregnancy.

It is unclear if the role of Larys Strong will be developed in relation to the plot of Fire and Blood. Given the impact she had on House of the Dragon episode 5 and the way the show’s narrative differs from the book’s, it’s likely she will. To find out how many episodes the season will have, read this.

However, as the House of the Dragon has introduced and established Mysaria and Larys Strong as the series correspondents for the roles of Varys and Littlefinger in Game of Thrones, it is likely that they will also be central to the plot, ensuring chaos and a intriguing story.


Also known as Larys Pegfoot in the book, he eventually became Lord of Harrenhal and Master of the Whisperers on Aegon II’s council during the Targaryen Civil War. Although he was on the Green Faction council for the war, when King Viserys I died and his members began to debate over who, Aegon or Rhaenyra, should ascend the Iron Throne, Larys Strong he did not express an open opinion on who should be the favourite.

Fire and Blood devotes nearly a full page to it, as no one knew where to stand as to Larys’s allegiance, stating that “he made his way through the Dance of Dragons, this way and that, disappearing and reappearing.” , but somehow always surviving ».

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