The Rings of Power: What is the secret of the Southlands? Mordor

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The Rings of Power is available on Amazon Prime Video! if you want to know all about the Southlands, keep reading! The latest episode of The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power has greatly expanded our maps of Middle-earth from the Second Age. To find out who Waldreg is, read this.

The center of attention was, of course, the mythical island nation of Númenor, a place we had only heard of in The Lord of the Rings lore and which is a key player in the wars that lie ahead in the future of mankind. Prime Video series.

But there is another place that is also in the spotlight from the beginning, one that brings with it the promise of darkness for the continent: Mordor. Yes, Sauron’s own domain is already an important part of the series, but for now it goes by another name: the Southlands. But then, what happened in the Southlands?


the secret of the Southlands in The Rings of Power can be discovered by comparing the map of Middle-earth from the Second Age of Amazonia with a map from the time of The Lord of the Rings. If you look from side to side, you quickly discover that the region called “Southern Lands” in the Second Age is actually “Mordor” in the Third. JRR Tolkien writes that when Sauron returned in the Second Age, he settled down and established Mordor, but exactly how he did it is not told.

The stealth of Southlands it was apparently an instruction to the likes of Adar: “Find this place and prepare it for Sauron’s return.” This means enslaving the inhabitants as workers and soldiers, and turning the idyllic landscape of fields, meadows and clean waters into a putrid, oppressive and dead environment as in The Lord of the rings.

This process has already begun, with countless trees and houses cut down to make way for fortresses, roads, dungeons, etc. The need to build Mordor from scratch also explains why Adar has invaded “every village from here to Orodruin” and fits in with his comment to Arondir about creating a “new world”. For more information on the Valar, go here.

The Southlands are far enough away from Morgoth’s old base in the north (Utumno), that the elves would keep a very close watch, and also leagues from the elven cities of Lindon and Eregion. The Southlands form a natural fortress, surrounded by a ring of mountains that make frontal attacks difficult, but allow access to Rhûn in the east and to future allies in the south.

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